Chambers Pin-up Series #2

In just three short weeks, the final issue of my crime-fiction comic book CHAMBERS will hit comiXology and will mark the end of my first published miniseries.

Not long after the story wraps up, a trade paperback collecting all four issues will be released (and will look great on your bookshelf). I sent the publisher a handful of pin-up art from artists who interpreted the main characters of the story in their own way, but due to page count restrictions, a most of them ended up on the cutting room floor. Not wanting contributing artist’s talent to go unseen, I’m posting them here for everyone to enjoy.

Last week I showed off a beautiful pin-up from Kelly Williams, and this week I bring you a piece from Jasen Rosselot. This artist is also contributing to the second issue of my upcoming project Innovation and I’m excited to see what he brings to the table. Scroll down to see Jasen’s interpretations of characters Bruce and Denise.

Chambers is published through Arcana Studio and the first three issues are available digitally through comiXology for $1.99 each.


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