Innovation Update #8

In less than two weeks, I’ll be launching my newest project, INNOVATION online for free. Yes, you read correctly… FREE!

I debuted the first issue at the New York Comic Con and got some great feedback which made me even more excited about the project. The first issue includes four short stories by four different artists that stand alone, but also work together to create a bigger world. I’ll be posting a new story each week in November. Issue #2 and #3 are being created in the background and I hope to be able to maintain some type of regular schedule with the project. We’ll see what happens.

Mark your calendars for Monday, November 4, when you’ll be able to read the first short, “CURIOSITY,” written by me and drawn by the ever-talented Ken Perry. If you dig it, all I ask you to do is send it to a friend. After all, it will be free! The free weekly installments will be posted at the website
There’s not much there yet, but soon!

I got a little bit of flack from a pal because the cover of the first issue (see below) doesn’t have any traditional art on it. This project is kind of weird and slightly strange, so I wanted people to see the cover and want to open it up, simply to see what’s inside. I hope you’re intrigued as well!


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