Chambers – Issue #3 – Now on sale!

If you’re reading your comic books digitally, (and why not, right? It’s the future!) then you can pick up the third issue of my crime-fiction comic book CHAMBERS for just $1.99 on comiXology!

Published by Arcana Studio, the second issue continues the tale of narcotics officer Denise Chambers as she tries to stay alive long to figure out who’s taking an axe to her family tree. It’s also the issue where the body count begins to rise significantly. I mean, just look at that cover. There’s freaking blood everywhere! You KNOW it’s gonna be good.

The fourth and final issue of the series will be out in November with a physical and digital collected edition to follow. I recently re-read the final installment and I’m jealous toward all of you who get to experience it for the first time! If you’re a fan of dirty cops (figuratively speaking) and hard boiled crime, please give Chambers a look. I really think you’ll dig it.

If you’ve checked it out and have any thoughts, I’d love to hear ’em!

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