Unit 44 Kickstarter Successful

Did you hear the good news?

After two months of Kickstartering, the first issue of UNIT 44 will soon come to life with the help of artist extraordinaire, Eduardo Jimenez!

We set out to raise $2,000 to complete the first issue and due to the generosity of 100+ backers, we raised over $2,700 to get the series started.

I can’t thank Ed enough for his patience throughout the process and willingness to help in creating numerous graphics, images and promo material along with actively helping to promote the campaign. It’s nice to have the fundraising out of the way so that we can get to what we joined forces for — to bring Unit 44 to life!

If you’d like to see how our campaign shook out, feel free to visit the Kickstarter page by clicking here. If you’d like to pick up a copy of our first issue, you’ll have a bit of a wait, but click over to unit44comic.com and sign up for the mailing list to get all the latest and greatest on the process.

If you helped support, THANK YOU!




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