Innovation Update #6

The wheels are quickly turning and pages are flying in from every direction for my upcoming sci-fi-ish project, INNOVATION.

What went from a zany idea to a 24-page script over the course of one weekend is now becoming a reality with the assistance of a massively talented group of artists. I can’t speak highly enough of Stan Chou, Mike Hatfield, Damon Threet, Ken Perry and Chris Mendoza. They all jumped into the fray with an open mind and have helped me design a world full of life, science and…well…other things. This is one of those times where I struggle to explain exactly what this book is about. Just trust me…you’ll have to experience it.

It’s down to the wire on whether or not this book will debut at the New York Comic Con, but I’m keeping the fingers crossed. Regardless of the convention, I have every intention for this project to be available online in late October or early November. A website is in the works and volumes 2 & 3 have already been written and I have some talented artists working on drawing up some more crazy stories for down the road.

ARTISTS — I want YOU to get involved with this project! See my new INNOVATION FAQ to understand what we’re doing and how you can be a part of it.

For now, here’s a peek at a panel from Mike Hatfield’s good-looking tale, INTELLIGENCE.


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