Chambers Review Roundup #1

Now that the first issue of my crime comic book CHAMBERS is out digitally from Arcana Studio, a decent amount of time has been dedicated toward getting people who own comic book related websites to check it out, read the book and ideally, share their thoughts on the title in hopes that others will also give it a look.

So far, I’ve managed to have three very generous reviews posted, with more to come. Give them a look and then consider downloading the first issue of Chambers on comiXology!


“Not only does this book set up a great story, it does something rarely seen in today’s comics: it sets up multi-layered, complex characters with a back-story and depth all within a single issue. I love it.”
– Read the rest of the review at!

“If you’ve got a couple bucks to spare I’d definitely check out the first issue — you might get hooked.”
– Read the rest of the review at!

“Locher and company craft an intriguing cop drama in the vein of The Departed and Garth Ennis’ recent Red Team series for Dynamite. There’s a lot here to warrant a return trip.”
– Read the rest of the review at!

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