Chambers – Issue #1 – Now on sale!

It’s been a crazy week in the wonderful world of comics.

Somehow, I fell under a rock and when I came up for air, I noticed that the first issue of my crime-fiction comic book, CHAMBERS, had been released digitally on comiXology (which is like iTunes for comic books). I suppose that I can also announce that the book is being published by Arcana Studio, who have TONS of amazing comics under their belt including projects with the rock band KISS, Bill Paxton, Mark Poulton and many more wonderful writers and artists.

This is super exciting stuff! I wasn’t 100% sure when the book was coming out, so imagine my shock and surprise when I saw a link on twitter revealing it to the world! You can pick up the debut issue for $1.99 or wait patiently for the collected trade paperback print edition that should be out in early 2014.

Chambers was the first full-length project that I completed and I’m privileged to have had such an amazing team working alongside me. A gigantic thank you goes Kristian Rossi, who was the artist for the series and brought the characters the life, Kefas Armando, who provided colors, Amanda Kent, who packaged the book and provided the layouts, editor Amanda Hendrix, whose honest and accurate feedback made this book infinitely better, and Arcana’s VP of Publishing Erik Hendrix, who believed in the project and offered me an opportunity to bring it to life.

Go see what we all worked on for a year out of our lives. It’s worth it.

If you do check it out, I’d love to hear what you think. Drop me a line.

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