The Undoubtables Update #9

I’ll be honest, I kind of got sucked up in all of this Kickstarter stuff and forgot for a minute that I have other projects in the works that also have been making moves in the background.

It shocked me when I realized that I hadn’t mentioned my action/heist comic, THE UNDOUBTABLES in a while, so I wanted to correct the oversight because I have some really awesome news.

This books has been in production for a while, but we’re closing the gap toward completion. Series artist Emre Ozdamarlar penciled and inked his way through 88 amazing pages all while going to school simultaneously. That’s what you called dedication, folks. After he submitted all of the finished pages, I started sending them off to colorist Kefas Armando.

I recently found myself in possession of 22 colored pages and there was nothing left to do but letter those things! With that, I’m happy to report that we have completed the first 22-page issue of The Undoubtables. While we still have three more issues to go, it’s great to see this inch toward completion as we’re excited to have it in your hands as soon as possible.

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