Unit 44 on Kickstarter: Week 2

We’re in the second week of having UNIT 44 on Kickstarter in an attempt to raise $9,000 to see the book created and go to print. We’re currently at 24% and we need to start making up some ground.

If you were thinking about backing the project and getting one of our cool rewards, now is the time! Remember, even pledging $1-5 will add up and get us closer to making this project a reality.

We’ve been getting some great press on the project and I wanted to share some of the below quotes of the kind things that people have said about UNIT 44.

“I LOVE SCI-FI and I love comedy, and this can be the perfect blind of both. Unit 44 has an amazing concept, with great art…” – Geeky Universe (full article)

“[Unit 44] could end up being one of the best family friendly down right funny comic books to come out in 2014.” – Comics Forge (full article)

“Government secrets spilled on an unsuspecting public? With all the real life news coverage of our so called “traitors” spilling the beans, I think this is the hilarious reprieve we all need!” – Stash My Comics (full article)

“[Unit 44] is a weird, wacky, and wonderful concept with some impressive art.” – Comic Book Therapy (full article)

“Okay, so the premise to Unit 44 is completely unbelievable, but there’s something fun about it.” – Comic Bastards (full article)

“[Unit 44] looks to be a whole lot of fun, which is something sorely missing from comics these days.” – Multiversity Comics (full article)

“The art is cool as is the idea.” – Talking Comic Books (full article)

“This book was a quick and easy sell for me.” – All Geek to Me (full article)

“Back this project up, Wes and Eduardo have put together a fantastic book here!” – Invest Comics (full article)

I was also invited to contribute an article to Bleeding Cool where I discussed Kickstarter and the expectations that come along with it. It’s a fun read!
Click here to give it a look.


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