Innovation Update #3

With just under three months to go until New York Comic Con, my 5 artist project, INNOVATION, is trucking along and with each day that passes, new designs, character sketches, page breakdowns, and penciled pages are hitting the inbox.

I don’t know that I could have found a better group of people to work on this project and though each artist has their own style, no one’s is so out in left field that this book won’t still look cohesive. My only problem with the project is that I didn’t think of it sooner!

With artists still knocking here and there to see what it’s about, I’ve written several scripts for the next leg of the project (A.K.A. Volume 2) and am still in search of a few artists who may be interested in providing 4-5 page black and white shorts.

Are you an artist? Read about the project here and let me know if you’d like to get involved!

The second set of stories will continue some adventures, start new ones and further add to the world building that takes place across the first issue.

I’ll leave you with some concept art courtesy of artist Mike Hatfield who has done an amazing job in fleshing out the characters in his story. There’s a good joke there.


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