Unit 44 Update #8

Even though Comic Con International in San Diego, the biggest comic and movie convention in North America, is about to kick off this week, I’m going to ask you to mark your calendars for an equally-important event coming up next week:

On Friday, July 26 you will be able to read the first five pages of my upcoming sci-fi/humor comic book, UNIT 44.

Around here, we don’t just release comics, we have events, and Unit 44 is no exception. Head back this way in 10 days time for some great art and laughter as series artist Eduardo Jimenez and I unleash a new project on the world.

This is a book that has been steeped in deep, government-levels of secrecy and been in-development for some time. The pieces are in place, the mood is set and very soon the curtain will be pulled back. I’m so incredibly excited to have you check it out. Sure, it’s just the first 5 pages, but what you’ll experience will hopefully show you why this is a comic that you’ll ultimately want to read in entirety.

I hope you’re ready.


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