Innovation Update #1

A few weeks ago, after booking my trip to the New York Comic Con in October, I had a thought.

That thought went something like this…

“Hardly any of the comics that I have in the pipeline to be published will even be out by October!”

That thought happened aloud in a very scared, high-pitched and whiny tone.

So what’s a guy who’s trying to break into the comics industry to do when he’s headed to one of the largest shows in the U.S.A. and doesn’t have anything (official) to show for it?

You make something.

After my wife calmed me down from that initial freakout, I decided to do my best to orchestrate a project that I could have with me at NYCC to give to any friends, editors or potential collaborators that I may meet.

I knew that the likelihood of writing a 22-24 page comic and having someone pencil, ink and color the thing would be next to impossible, not to mention the time it would take to letter and print the book. I had to take another approach. An innovative approach. It was time to get creative.

That same weekend I sat down at scripted a 24-page comic book that I’m calling INNOVATION.

Because I have a great network of talented artists, I saw this book as an opportunity to showcase not only my writing, but the dazzling art of previous collaborators and artists that I’ve wanted to work with for some time.

So I got a little crazy.

I took the narrative and cut it into five individual short stories. Each story would feature the artist’s individual style and be a complete 4-5 page story that would standalone on it’s own. When read together, they’d create an overarching storyline. When read in a particular order, they’d create a world.

Five artists, five stories, one issue.

I wanted to keep things as straightforward as possible. The stories will be black and white. Everything’s raw. No bells and whistles.

If for some reason I don’t make the NYCC goal, the project is still a go, and once complete, I will serialize it here on my website. One page a day to make one complete story a week, for five weeks.

It’s an exciting idea that has created a world that I could play in for years to come and if everything goes well with this round, I look forward to many more editions of Innovation in the future.

The current artistic lineup for the book is as follows: Ken Perry, Mike Hatfield, Damon Threet, Stanley Chou, and Kristian Rossi.

I sought out people who do solid black and white work, and I couldn’t be happier about the artists who have decided to help make this project a reality.

Concept art has already started coming in for some of the stories and it’s shaping up to be a blast. As for the stories themselves, the less you know, the more fun it will be.

Stay tuned.

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