Chambers Update #13

After one year and three months of writing, drawing, coloring, lettering and editing, my crime-fiction graphic novel CHAMBERS has been turned in and accepted for publication.

This is a pretty huge milestone in my comic-making career as this 88-page graphic novel took a lot of time, attention and dedication as it made its way toward completion. In the near future, digital and physical copies will be available  for purchase and I’m excited for readers to get their hands on the first graphic novel to have my name on the cover.

Big thanks to series artist Kristian Rossi and colorist Kefas Armando who also spent lots of time and care bringing this story to life and made it even better than it originally looked when it only existed in my mind.

I look forward to being able to share some artwork, release info and the name of the publisher bringing this book to the shelves soon enough. I’ve even heard rumblings that the book could make a debut at a big comic convention in July. It’s all up to scheduling, printers and the powers that be to get things sorted out, but I’m looking forward to a wild ride as we begin to get the promotion ball rolling.

Stay tuned!

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