New Life Update #12

It’s been about a month since the last update on my upcoming sci-fi comic book NEW LIFE. I figured it was about time for an update to share what’s been happening since work was completed on issue #1. (You DO know that it’s done, right?)

Series artist Logan Miller has been working his tail off on the book and things have been progressing wonderfully. We are officially knee-deep in issue 2!

I’ve seen thumbnails for the entirety of the second installment and Logan has already penciled and inked several pages. I have to say… I thought that the inaugural issue couldn’t be beat but I have the privilege of watching Logan take the story, characters and medium to the next level. His layouts are going to blow your mind and we got up the courage to try something I’ve never done in a comic before. How’s that for a cliffhanger?

In our never-ending attempt to make this book look as professional as possible, Logan crafted a very cool interior credits page for the book and he even re-worked the cover of the first issue to include an updated character design, view of the setting and a killer new logo.

I’m so excited to get this series into people’s hands. It’s going to be such a wild ride. Hang in there!

Have a look at the new cover for the first issue of our upcoming series.


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