Unit 44 Update #2

As sometimes happens in life, projects start, projects stall and projects die.

Sadly, my sci-fi/humor comic book, UNIT 23 was no exception. I had a fantastic artist and colorist lined up for the project but (as happens with very talented people), artist Orlando Baez got pulled away to work on bigger and better things. The book died.

No harm, no foul. In fact, the first issue of his new comic, NOCTUA was just released yesterday. Go check it out on Comixology!


In fact, since the project died, I’ve included the second cover that Orlando provided for the book. (The first cover is elsewhere on this website. You can find it if you’re good with a search function.)

I just wanted to share it to get more of Orlando’s art out in the world for some appreciation. Big thanks also go to Federico Sioc for the colors and Amanda Kent for the logo.

After getting the news that Orlando was out of the game, I didn’t put a lot of effort into finding a replacement artist since other projects were moving along in the pipeline, but I never forgot about the book. It was one of those ideas where it all hit and fell into place very quickly (as a writer, that means less anguish and crying) and the scripts for the potential 4-issue series were all written late last year.

Recently I found myself in one of those “what’s next?” moods so I cracked open the scripts and read them with fresh eyes. As I scanned the panel descriptions and dialogue I found myself laughing just as hard as I did when I initially wrote them. It dawned on me that this book was something that none of my other properties to-date have been: harmless, silly fun.

And fun is exactly what I believe comic books should be.

I knew the art style I had in mind for the project so I set off to see if I knew any artists who would be a good fit.

After giving up searching for the night, not finding anyone whose style fit with what I had in my mind, I hit up Twitter for some mindless fun. Then I found him. The artist who just might do the book justice and accurately represent the images in my mind.

I sent a few tweets, a couple emails, punched up the script and sent it to him.

After a few more emails, a couple days passed and I found myself hoping for the best.

A few days later, the image below appeared in my inbox.

Unit 23-logo

Let’s do this.

To be continued…


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