New Life Update #9

It’s been a couple months since the last progress report on my upcoming sci-fi comic book, NEW LIFE, so here we are! Thanks for coming over. Hors d’oeuvres will be served shortly.

So… this project is intense.

Let me explain why — it’s the first comic I’ve worked on where the creative team consists of two people.

Yes, TWO.

Artist Logan Miller is providing pencils, inks and colors for the book while I handle writing and lettering duties. That’s some teamwork, right there.

I don’t know if you’ve ever penciled, inked and coloreda comic before, (I haven’t either) but it’s intense! While we can’t ship inked pages off to a colorist to continue the process what this does is let Logan completely design the world from the ground up. He can draw the story with the end colors in mind and I believe that this makes for such a stronger and more cohesive package.

On my side of things, I’ve quickly become a huge fan of lettering my own work. I learned a ton while lettering my upcoming graphic novel, Chambers, and I was excited to dive into New Life. It allows me a final edit as well as the restructuring of pacing and dialogue in response to what Logan has drawn. It’s a very fluid system that allows us to create, adjust, and fix things on the fly.

Though the book may take a little longer since there are fewer hands involved, know that you, the reader, will reap the rewards.

Logan has finished penciling and inking the first issue and colors and letters are finished on eight pages.

Yes, eight pages of the book are done. How awesome is that? (Correct answer: very awesome.)

Sure, there are many more pages to go, but every project starts somewhere.

While we continue to toil away, check out a colored panel from Issue 1 of New Life. Pencils, inks and colors by Logan Miller. I mean, this is what you really came to see, right?

New Life will be released next week by publisher 215 Ink. Just kidding about that next week thing. We don’t know when it’s coming out. Stay tuned.


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