The Undoubtables Update #6

I’m a little late to the game with this one, but within the past month, Emre Ozdamarlar, artist and co-creator of THE UNDOUBTABLES, has finished all 88 pages of pencil work and has begun the task of inking the story from the first page to the last.

These pages are taking on new life with his inks and from what I’ve seen so far, they look better than I could have hoped. It’s been great seeing Emre grow as an artist and I’m eager to see this book make its way through the production process as it gets closer and closer to being in your hands.

At last count he had 13 pages inked, but I’m sure that number has increased since his last report.

Here’s a very small peek at Emre’s workstation where he’s living with Spade, Club, Diamond and Heart in our crazy little heist-driven world.



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