Chambers Update #10

At long last, my crime graphic novel, CHAMBERS, is on the fast track toward completion and it’s exciting to know that in just a few short weeks I’ll be submitting this book to the publisher and securing a release date!

Over the past few weeks, interior artist, Kristian Rossi, completed five different (and amazing) covers that will be the face of the book. One for each issue/chapter (soon available digitally), and one for the trade paperback.

Colorist Kefas Armando has finished coloring issue 3 and has only eleven more pages to color in issue 4 before his work on the project is complete.

I’ve lettered issues 1-3 and will be beginning on the final issue shortly. Once those are complete, we go to pre-press to format the book and make it look fantastic so that you may soon hold it in your hands.

To celebrate, here’s Kristian’s original character sketch of one of the book’s baddies, Jamie Tillman.


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