New Life Update #8

The holidays were a great time for making comics. Aside from familial obligations it seems like all my artists and even myself were able to put day jobs and school to the side for a bit to focus on our craft. NEW LIFE artist and collaborator Logan Miller was no exception!

Yesterday I was on the receiving end of completed inks for the first 22 pages of our 4 issue mini-series coming this year from 215 Ink.

I couldn’t help but marvel at the quality of time and effort that Logan added to these pages. I had a high concept idea but he took the world and brought it to life and it absolutely pops off the page with personality. This talented fellow takes us from wide open shots with hundreds of people to quiet emotional moments between two old friends. This dynamic range shows why Logan will be a force to watch and I can’t imagine anyone else working on this book.

Colors are up next and after some lettering we’ll be off to the races with issue #1! I’m very excited to have this comic debuting in 2013 and if you’ve read the original 5-page story, I can honestly say that it only gets better from there. Of course, I might be a tad bit biased.

While work continues on in the background, here’s an inked panel that I can’t stop looking at.


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