Chambers Update #8

I just received a handful of inked CHAMBERS pages which brings the official count up to 79. This means that the ever-talented Kristian Rossi has just 9 more pages to draw before initial art is complete on the book!

What’s interesting to me is that after this book is released, people will read it and hopefully enjoy it, but what they’re potentially missing out on was getting to watch Kristian grow as an artist. Getting only a handful of pages at a time it’s been great getting to watch him quickly turn into a comics pro. I think we both jumped into this project a little wide-eyed and excited, but we hunkered down, did the work, and soon we’ll be releasing a gorgeous book that all my future projects will be compared against (at least in my brain).

Until next update, here’s the next face in our lineup.

This is Jake McCall. He’s a real bad dude.


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