New Life Update #7

Time seems to fly as the holidays get ever closer and 2012 comes to a close. All of my collaborators have been working extremely hard and I wanted to take a moment to spotlight what’s happening with my sci-fi comic book, NEW LIFE, coming in 2013 from 215 Ink.

This is the smallest creative team I’ve ever had on a book. It’s me, Logan Miller, and the letterer, Amanda Kent. Together this 3 person show will bring you what I hope to be a breakout book in the new year.

Logan is a trooper, penciling, inking, and coloring the pages and I can’t begin to thank him enough for his hard work. Currently, Issue #1 is nearly complete on pencils. About half a dozen pages are inked and colors applied to a few of those. Everything is shaping up amazingly to create one visually stunning book.

Since I’m a process junkie, both on the writing and art side, I wanted to share Logan’s process from initial rough concept sketch to inked panel to finished colors. I hope it helps to convey all of the hard work, attention to detail, and artistic sensibilities that he’s bringing to each page.

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