Crosswire Update #1

Back when I was starting this crazy comics journey I teamed up with all kinds of great folks and made some fun comics. One of those ideas was a Superhero by the name of Crosswire.

Artist Tayson Martindale and letterer Amanda Kent helped me piece together the initial 5 page story, but superheroes are traditionally a hard sell in the marketplace. Outside of Marvel and DC, the biggest publishers, there are very few heroes who’ve made it further than a couple of issues (Robert Kirkman’s Invincible being an exception). Due to our slim chances in the market and the fact that we were all still in the process of learning our respective crafts, we put the story to rest before it had a chance to go anywhere or meet anyone. The pitch died poor, cold, and alone.

I had a really fun idea for the mini-series, and having grown up on the genre, I thought it’d be fun to flex those superhero muscles a bit. I’ve recently been working with an artist who may assist in finally bringing that story to life. We’re going to re-do the pitch and see how things are feeling. Since the scripts were written very early on (and I wasn’t quite over the learning curve), there’s a ton for me to revisit, restructure, and rewrite (come to think of it, am I even over that learning curve yet?), but it’ll be a fun challenge that I hope we have the opportunity to tackle.

While these things happen in the background, enjoy Gabriel Schroll’s updated version of our hero!

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