Chambers Update #7

Artist Kristian Rossi has wrapped pencils and inks for issue #3 of my crime-fiction comic book, CHAMBERS, while colorist Kefas Armando has completed work on the first 2 issues of the book. Everything is coming together amazingly and I can’t get over the professional package that we’re putting together.

I turned in the production script for issue #4 this week (the last issue in the mini-series) but before sending it off, I had a small dilemma when it came to the ending of the book. I had done a rough draft with a conclusion that I was happy with, but then doubt started creeping in…

Would the readers find the ending as satisfying as I do? Was it a strong conclusion? What if people don’t like it? Did I leave myself room for a potential sequel?

I’d told the story to some of my comics pals and was met with mixed reactions when it came to the final pages of issue 4. Panicked, I quickly came up with two more ways to end the series and went to the one person that I knew could help me through this rough patch… The one person who had lived the Chambers story even more than I: Kristian, the artist of the book.

Kristian shared that even though he liked the alternate ideas I pitched him, they might not work within the confines of a comic book, and that when he read the original scripted ending, it had given him chills.

Then he said the words that I needed to hear all along: Go with your instinct.

At the end of the day, I try to write comics that I’d want to read, and if other people in enjoy them, then it’s icing on a graphic cake. I made a few edits to dialogue and panels and shipped off the script with the original ending still in tact and feeling more confident than ever.

Now that’s a true collaboration!

In my typical celebratory fashion, enjoy the original character sketch of DEA Chief Williams.

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