New Life Update #6

Since I made the announcement that my sci-fi comic book, NEW LIFE, had been picked up for publication by 215 Ink, a lot of parts have started moving and the train is going full speed ahead on production.

Series artist Logan Miller has been sending over amazing concept art and breathing a ton of life into both the characters and the world. It’s been great to see the cast make the jump from my brain to paper and I’m really excited about the look and feel of this book.

Immediately after getting the green light for the 4 issue mini-series I began revisiting my first drafts of the scripts, looking for ways to tighten up the story and punch of the dialogue. I realized that there was so much I wanted to do with this story and the arcs I wanted the characters to have, but with only 88 pages in which to tell the tale I had to pick apart my words and reconstruct them so you, the reader, will ultimately get the biggest bang for your buck. A lot of darlings were killed, but that’s writing.

I’ve turned in the production script for Issue #1 and yesterday I received Logan’s page layouts for all 22 pages. Even though these are scaled down sketches with very rough details, I swear we could publish it the way it is and it’d still be amazing! I’m currently finalizing Issue #2 and making some extensive rewrites to the final issues. This has definitely been the most challenging comic book I’ve written to date, but I feel good that I’ve constructed a story that I would want to read and I hope you’ll all come along for the ride!

In typical update fashion, here’s a character sketch of our protagonist, Tomas Uri, to hold you over til the next post.

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