The Undoubtables Update #3

My adventure/crime/heist comic book, THE UNDOUBTABLES, is moving along artist and Emre Özdamarlar has completed the pencil work for the first 22 pages (the first issue) of the series. Things are looking great and it’s been exciting to watch him bring this story to life. The issue is an introduction to the main characters with lots of action and tension. I’m proud of both the script and the enthusiasm that Emre has put into the art.

Due to being under a non-disclosure agreement for this comic, I can’t share any of the panels yet, but rest assured that it will be a ton of fun. It’s quite the opposite from my other upcoming comics, Chambers and New Life, in that there’s more humor, multiple viewpoints, and at it’s core, it’s a team book. Any opportunity to develop strong personalities who interact with one another is challenging and exciting.

Since I can’t show the art directly, here’s a picture of Emre’s art desk with one of our pages in process. If you squint really hard you might get a preview after all!

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