New Life to be Published by 215 Ink!

Exciting news for my comic book, NEW LIFE!

As was posted on the social media websites within the last few days (Facebook and Twitter) we have “inked” a deal with Philadelphia-based publisher, 215 Ink, (see what I did there?) to bring our 4 issue series (I bet no one’s ever made that joke before) to shelves!

Artist Logan Miller and I are now in active development on the series. Expect a digital release of issue #1 within the next few months with a print run to follow.

I completed the re-writes and edits on the first issue and Logan has been sending some wonderful character sketches my way. It’s been a real treat to flesh out this universe a bit more than we did in the initial five page pitch. I hope you dig reading this story as much as I did writing it, and big thanks to Andrew at for believing in our book!

Be sure to check out all of the amazing releases from 215 Ink to see what independent comics are all about!

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