Chambers Update #5

Another day, another milestone event for my crime-fiction comic book, CHAMBERS!

To date, artist Kristian Rossi has penciled and inked an astounding 44 pages of the book! He’s reached the half way point in the journey. Getting to watch him bring the story in my mind to life has been an amazing experience. He’s worked very hard to deliver a book that’s original, creative, and characters who have distinct personalities.

Colorist Kefas Armando has finished coloring the first 22 pages of the book and it’s been a joy watching him bring the characters to life. He’s helping to give the book a grim tone that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

I’ve shown the work to date to our publisher and he’s very excited about our little comic. I can only hope that all of you will soon be sharing his enthusiasm.

To celebrate the occasion, here’s Kristian’s original sketch of Denise and Adam’s father, Adrian Chambers.

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