The Undoubtables Update #1

It occurred to me that even though I’ve done numerous posts on the website regarding my adventure/heist comic, THE UNDOUBTABLES, I haven’t actually started the official update counter!

I had this 4 issue series green lit in late 2011 and the creative team is finally at a point to bring it to life! Artist, Emre Özdamarlar, is in comics school in Sweden and they have graciously allowed him to work on the book as his school project. He’ll be under the tutelage of some amazing comic book artists and we’re both extremely excited to see the art come to life. A little over a month ago, we sent the completed issue #1 cover to the publisher and it was met with very warm reception! We look forward to sharing the completed pages with them soon enough so that the excitement can continue.

Before he started his penciling/inking, Emre created storyboards for all 88 pages of the series which I had the pleasure of checking out recently. Even at this early stage, I can tell that he’s going to give us some very dynamic action scenes and some amazing character work. You’ll fall in love with the Undoubtables crew just like I did when I was penning the story.

More on this as it develops, but for all you process junkies out there, thought I’d share a panel from the issue #1 storyboards!

I hope it pulls at your imagination and makes you eager for more!

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