Chambers Update #4

We’ve reached another milestone in the progress of the crime-fiction comic book, CHAMBERS, and I thought I’d take a moment to celebrate the small victory. Artist, Kristian Rossi, has completed pencils and inks up through page 33, and colorist, Kefas Armando, just submitted page 17. The first round of completed pages are with the letterer and things are coming together at a very nice pace.

This the first time I’ve been through the production process on a comic longer than five pages, so it’s been a great learning experience and I can’t thank the team enough for their consistent hard work and focus. The train is moving and we’ve yet to hit any roadblocks. With each completed page I see, I become more excited about the story, especially as everyone gets more and more comfortable with the characters, settings, and story.

I’ll toss another update here when we reach page 44 (the halfway mark!) but you can always stay up to date on the book’s progress by clicking over to my Current Projects page.

Let’s celebrate with another character sketch from Kristian!
This time we have DEA Agent (and Denise’s partner) Bruce Conway!

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