Winner Update #1

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about certain comics that I have coming down the pipeline, but let’s take a moment to introduce a new(ish) story to the website.

The fine folks over at GrayHaven Comics were nice enough to green light three of my pitches for their 2013 books, and while I’ve discussed the progress on the Spy and Sci-Fi stories, I’ve neglected the Crime-themed anthology that they’ll be releasing in February of 2013!

Originally I had pitched them the 5 pages of Chambers that had been completed, but we all know how that turned out. The editor was nice enough to let me re-pitch him after I pulled the story, and what came out of it was a five page comic that I titled YOU MAY ALREADY BE A WINNER. I know… longest title ever. Good thing we’re not paying by the letter around here.

WINNER is a peek into a world (not much unlike our own) where a man delivers the ultimate prize to a stranger in a small, suburban neighborhood.

I know, I know… I lost you at suburb. But remember, this book has a crime theme.

Oh, awesome. You’re back on board!

Artist Jimmy Reyes has signed on to bring this piece to life. You might recognize Jimmy’s work because he’s done a ton of inking over the years on books you’ve probably read. In fact, you’ve seen his lines over the works of Marc Silvestri and David Finch, to name a few.

Enough of my yammering, check out these awesome (rough) panel breakdowns from Jimmy!

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