Timeless Update #2

In addition to the main projects I have in the works, behind the scenes, things are still progressing on the anthology submissions that I had accepted for several GrayHaven Comics books that will be coming out over the course of 2013.

My story for the Sci-Fi 2 edition, TIMELESS, is making strides and earlier this week artist Michael Nigro sent me the finished pencils for page 2. Michael has a great kinetic style and though the story is only three pages long, I know it wasn’t the easiest script to draw as there’s a lot of research involved as far as locations go. He’s been doing a great job and with each panel and page I see, it gets me that much more excited for this to see print.

For this short story, I stuck to four to five panels on a page and it’s given Michael a lot of room to be artistic and the level of detail in his work is just phenomenal.

While this story is still in progress, I wanted to share another snippet with you. Have a look at our main character, Davis, who really isn’t having the greatest of days.

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