Chambers Update #3

It’s been roughly a month since the last update on my upcoming crime-fiction comic, CHAMBERS, but let the silence be broken!

I’m happy to report that we’ve made a ton of progress on the book and things are coming along swimmingly. When I say that “we’ve made a lot of progress” what I really mean is, the art teams sends me finished pages and I sit at my desk with wide eyes and mutter, “Oh, wow… that’s absolutely awesome.”

Penciler/Inker Kristian Rossi has finished the first 22 pages of the book (the first issue, essentially) and Colorist Kefas Armando (fun fact – he colored the original 5 page Chambers story) has completed his work on the first 12 pages.

It’s been awesome watching this story go from being inside my head to being on paper, but I’m pleased with all the work being done and can’t thank the team enough for their hard work and dedication. The first round of pages will go off to the letterer this week and I’m excited to give the publisher their monthly update on the project.

Speaking of the publisher, they were at the Comic-Con International in San Diego this past weekend and I hope they had a ton of fun met some great people. Perhaps soon I’ll be able to clue you in on exactly who will be bringing Chambers to store shelves in 2013!

At some point, maybe I can sneak in a colored panel of the story onto the blog for you to check out, but in the meantime, here’s Kristian’s character sketch of Adam Chambers, another major player in the story.


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