New Life Update #1

Comics is a very secretive profession. Lots of times, you can’t talk about the things you have going on. Whether that’s due to Nondisclosure Agreements or the simple fact that you don’t want to jinx yourself, you’re always waiting with bated breath to see projects make their way toward completion.

Since I have a mini-series, a graphic novel, and several anthology pieces all in various states of production, I’ve been working on some new things in the background, preparing for the next round of comics that I will unleash on the general public.

One of the ideas that I’ve been working on is a sci-fi story called NEW LIFE that’s very high concept and hasn’t been the easiest things in the world to put on paper. While networking with artists I came across a very talented artist named Logan Miller that I pitched the idea to, knowing that his style would be an amazing fit. After explaining the story, it seemed like a good match and ever since he’s been working on the 5 page pitch that we will use to hook potential publishers.

After discussing character designs, tones, and panel breakdowns, yesterday he emailed me the finished pencils for the story. I couldn’t be more excited about the work he’s done and I thank him for his dedication thus far. More news on this comic as it develops, but in the meantime I thought I’d share one of his wonderful character sketches so that you can get an idea of his style and hopefully get excited for the work to come.


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