Leaving Battalia – Issue 1

Last year I collaborated with the very talented artist Chris Binns on a sci-fi comic book called LEAVING BATTALIA. He took the script I’d written and drew 24 amazing pages (he also lettered them – he’s a machine!) showcasing an art style unlike anyone else I’ve worked with. Upon completion, I spent the subsequent months pitching the comic around to see if any independent publishers might interested in it, but alas, at this point I’ve had no takers.

Their loss is your gain! I’ve decided to post all 24 pages of issue one here on the website for your enjoyment. Perhaps someone will stumble upon it, see the potential of the series and want to read more. It’s the first issue of a 6 issue arc, so enjoy the awesome cliffhanger that may never be resolved!

This comic was a fantastic learning experience for both Chris and myself, so I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not perfect, but I know that we’ve taken everything we’ve learned from our collaboration and will apply the knowledge to all comics we create moving forward. Note to aspiring comic book writers: Always double check your page counts!!

Click the cover to start reading!

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