Chambers Update #1

Chambers update #1???

That’s right. We’re starting over.

I wanted to take a moment to talk about my crime-fiction comic book, CHAMBERS. What started off as a cool 5-page scene idea was drawn up by the talented Alex Kmeto, colors were provided by Kefas Armando, letters from Amanda Kent, and an amazing cover from Allen Byrns (artist of the 215 Ink book, The Price).

During some downtime I wrote a full story from the initial scene, creating the characters, the plot, the beginnings and the end. After not getting any bites for a while, I decided to pitch the 5 page story to some anthologies in hopes that I could get some of my work out there. It was quickly snatched up by Grayhaven comics for one of their The Gathering anthologies which was intended to be Crime-Themed. I was happy to let them use the story, eager to see it in print.

Then something happened —

One of the publishers that I had originally pitched the series to emailed me back and let me know that they were indeed interested in releasing the series as an original graphic novel. Ecstatic with this news, I set to re-working the scripts and making the story the best it could be. I reached out to the creative team to share the good news. Everyone was excited, however, the original artist, Alex, was unable to commit the time. Thankfully, he’s gotten some higher profile projects and I’m happy to report that he’ll have some work coming out through Image Comics in the near future.

I had to go back to the publisher letting them know that the original artist wouldn’t be participating, but they let me know that they really enjoyed the story, and if I could find another artist who could live up to the bar that was set, they’d still be interested in publishing the book.

As luck would have it, I was working with a VERY talented artist by the name of Kristian Rossi on a time travel project called THE TEMPORAL. I pitched him the series, gave him the scripts, and let him know that if he was interested, he was welcome to do a test page that I could take back to the publisher. He read all 88 pages of the series and several days later provided a page from the original script. The rest of the creative team remained in-tact so I fired it off to the colorist, over to the letterer, and finally off to the publisher, where after an agonizing waiting period, they gave me the green-light and sent over a contract for the comic.

Currently, the contract has been signed, Kristian is hard at work on the pages, and I’m super excited for this book to hit the shelves. I will reveal the publisher once I’m allowed to do so, but in the meantime, I wanted to provide a tiny snippet of the awesomeness that’s set to come your way soon.

If you’ve read the initial 5 page story, you’ll more than likely recognize the panels below!


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