The Temporal Update #4

This week, pencils and inks for my time travel comic book, THE TEMPORAL, will be complete! Artist Kristian Rossi has been plugging away at this project for the past month and each week I’ve received a slew of pages that have not only met, but exceeded my expectations. We’re even finishing this stage of the book a month sooner than anticipated! It’s almost as though we’re excited for people to read it!

What started as a simple sci-fi tale has now become something far more interesting and creative due to the artist’s touch. I’m hoping to have even more exciting news to share in the near future, but until that happens I’ll share one more piece of character art from the book.

Once complete, the pages are off to the letterer! I haven’t landed on a colorist for the project yet, so if you or anyone you know may be up for the task, get in touch!

As always, to keep the excitement going, here’s a sketch of the temporal displacer (we couldn’t imagine calling it a “time machine”)!

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