2011 Reads

For as much time as I spend talking about comic books, I often forget to mention the things that I’ve read and the things that inspire me. Since getting back into comics in 2009, I haven’t picked up individual issues, and instead have been catching up on some amazing trade paperbacks of issues that I missed during my (ten year) hiatus. Below is what I read in 2011 and I can’t say that I was disappointed by any of it!

Ultimate Spider-Man: Volume #22: Ultimatum
Ultimatum: Requiem
The Amazing Spider-Man: Death & Dating
The Amazing Spider-Man: Election Day
The Amazing Spider-Man: 24/7
The Amazing Spider-Man: Died in Your Arms
The Amazing Spider-Man: Red-Headed Stranger
The Amazing Spider-Man: Return of the Black Cat
The Amazing Spider-Man: The Gauntlet – Book 1
Secret Warriors – Volume #1: Nick Fury, Agent of Nothing
Secret Warriors – Volume #2: God of Fear, God of War
The Astonishing X-Men – Volume #1
The Astonishing X-Men – Volume #2
The Astonishing X-Men – Volume #3

The Mighty – Volume #1
The Mighty – Volume #2
Astro City – Volume #1: Life in the Big City

Chew – Volume #1: Taster’s Choice
Chew – Volume #2: International Flavor
Chew – Volume #3: Just Desserts
The Walking Dead – Volume #9: Here We Remain
The Walking Dead – Volume #10: What We Become
The Walking Dead – Volume #11: Fear the Hunters
Morning Glories – Volume #1: For a Better Future
Criminal – Volume #5: The Sinners
I Kill Giants

Irredeemable – Volume #1
Irredeemable – Volume #2
The Unknown – Volume #1

The Killer – Volume #1


The Last Days of American Crime

Read anything good lately?
Let me know!

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